10 Unique Ways to Make Food Fun for Toddlers

Memory Munch using Baby by Beach Tableware

Making Mealtimes Fun: How Our Beach-Themed Tableware Transforms Eating with Toddlers

Mealtimes with toddlers can often be a challenge. It's not just about them being picky eaters; sometimes, they just need a little fun and engagement to stay focused at the table.

That's why we've created a tableware set for kids that is not only stunning and multi-functional but also customisable for snacks and meals. We've carefully designed our tableware to support both parents and children during mealtimes, fostering opportunities for learning, development, and most importantly, FUN!

We've listed 10 unique ways to make mealtimes enjoyable for your toddlers with our Baby by Beach Tableware set, which offers endless possibilities for creativity and engagement.



This is such a fun breakfast idea, especially when its someones birthday! Imagine waking up on your fourth birthday and mum lets you EAT CAKE! Except it really isn't cake, its baked oats which in my opinion are equally as delicious.

Our mini dividers make the perfect cake slice shape and you can find so many great recipes out there that will work a treat.

One of my favourite tricks is to use an ice-cube tray to freeze a dollop of Biscoff, Nutella or Peanut Butter to pop in the middle before baking for an oozey surprise!



A super simple and fun breakfast or dessert idea using mini pancakes and whatever fruit you desire. The pancakes can be easily held like tacos with small hands and I usually put some fruit to allow my kids to decide what flavour they want.

You can introduce as many toppings as you like, think shredded coconut, chia seeds, mango, berries, kiwi fruit! Whipped cream is totally optional, but is an absolute winner in our home for a quick and easy treat!



What often starts as play and fun, eventually becomes snack-time. One of the simplest ways I can turn a chaotic afternoon into a little bit of peace and quiet, is gathering the boys to cut up some fruit or veggies. I might ask them to help me cut up some veggies for dinner or offer some fruit to cut.

It always starts out fun, and before I know it they are snacking and chatting among each other.

This is a great idea for exposing new fruits or veggies as it completely takes away any pressure to eat it, which at times ends up in a sneaky taste test!



Having the freedom to choose what goes on your plate is incredibly empowering for kids. This autonomy boosts their confidence, helping them understand their preferences, be open to trying new foods on their own terms, and trust their sense of fullness.

Not only does this approach save me time from plating everyone's meals, but it also often leads to my kids eating more than I expect. Plus, it exposes them to foods they might not usually want to try or even see on their plate, so I can avoid the meltdown without sacrificing the exposure.

For foods or items that I know might be a problem (like the guacamole above), I will portion it into a mini divider so it isn't touching any of the other foods and allow my kids to decide if they want to give it a try!



When you make a cookie or biscuit mix that requires portioning and rolling 40+ cookies and you are just not bothered, do this next time and just create one Mega Cookie.

Before you think that this seems wasteful, its not! After your little ones enjoy the novelty of the Mega Cookie, just slice it up in Pizza style slices or in a grid to make mini portions.

We use our Baby by Beach Deep Bowl in the airfryer or oven to achieve this big round cookie! Yum!



Let's be real, some mealtimes require encouragement - and usually I can just vibe when the afternoon feels like its heading for chaos and my boys are going to need the encouragement to simply remain seated. It's those days that I whip out this secret weapon.

Using one of our mini dividers in the upside down position I will hide an after meal treat that I know my kids will love. 

The rules are, no peeking before you've been seated and eating for long enough (doesn't stop them from trying). Once you're allowed a peek, you can't eat your treat until you've finished your meal.

This works for me most of the time, the boys get so excited in anticipation, and while it may not always have them eat all of what's on their plate - it most definitely keeps them focused at the table and builds the anticipation.



If you've plated up something like a taco and the whole taco has gone to waste because your little one wasn't happy with ONE ingredient you added - this is for you!

Plate up a spread of options for a taco night and let them decide! We have been doing this with our kids from the age of 1, it can start off a little messy but they eventually get the hang of it and before you know it they are all at the table with you on taco night building their own tacos with no mess and no fuss!

I find the mini taco boats are the perfect size and hold the fillings so well for littles!



Kids love colour! But it doesn't always mean they love to eat foods with colour.

This Tuna Rainbow Salad is a favourite in our house now, first introduced as the RAINBOW DINNER where we all had turns tasting all the colours, talking about what we thought purple may taste like, or to talk about our favourite colour before giving it a try!

I couldn't before, but now I can put this in the middle of the table and know that the boys will be able to plate up themselves, choosing enough to fill their bellies!



Anything that looks like fries / hot chips is a winner in our house, bonus when there is something to dip with!

Apple fries with Peanut Butter is such a fun snack that all my kids love! 

There are a few variations of fruity fries that we've done - but these by far are the easiest to put together and the fastest to disappear!



Memory Munch is such a fun game to play, especially if you want to encourage your little ones to try something new, you just need to be sure to surround it with safe foods you know your little ones will love too!

We simply prepare four types of foods, this specific game above was letter G themed (using Green Grapes, Green Beans, Goats Cheese and Grapefruit).

Using the mini dividers upside down I was able to conceal each food. We then take turns revealing before tasting. The fun part is we then use it like a game of memory to try find the foods we loved trying again.

The boys often play a similar game with each other at dinner time as they conceal their food and try and guess what each other have concealed before eating it!

This is just 10 ways you can make meal and snack times a little more fun and engaging! Our Baby by Beach Tableware aims to inspire your creativity so you can find ways that work with your little ones. 
Be sure to tag us @babybybeach.com.au or use #babybybeach so we can see all your creative ideas!

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