Kids Silicone Multi-functional and Multi-use Tableware with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, muffins and cookies
about us
who we are and what we are about

We are dedicated to developing products that help parents reduce their consumption of children's items. Our focus is on creating products that are durable, multi-functional, and space-saving.

We aim to build a conscious community that can impact change in overconsumption and the abundance of mass-produced products that end up in landfills or cluttered cupboards.


independent, empower

We want to change the way our children eat and empower them to be independent.

freedom, choice

We want to give our little ones the freedom of choice needed to build on their intelligence and big personalities.

modern, minimal

Mum wants her house back. We want to give our children everything, but we want the modern and minimalistic vibes. Make it easy, and make it beautiful.

baby by beach founders

The Beach Family

We are parents to three beautiful boys under three.

We often struggle to find products that last with our growing family, products that are simple and beautiful for a modern family - and yet still unique and fun for our full of personality children.

We wanted to create something unique and beautiful, something that is us - the Beach family.