Dukkah and Cheese Christmas Tree Pastries
This is our A-Z of food ideas for toddlers! This is our Letter D spread, and we have been working our way through the entire alphabet. My boys and I have been shopping together, cooking together and eating together. 

For this spread, we decided to make another Christmas themed spread, this time making DUKKAH and cheese Christmas Tree Pastries. 

We also put a spin on the DATE Bliss Balls by making DATE, Walnut and Coconut Cookie shapes topped with DARK and White Chocolate.

And for a new flavour, we tried red DRAGONFRUIT, shaped like stars and some DARK Chocolate stars.


Date Walnut and Coconut Gingerbread men
Putting a fun spin of Date Bliss Balls

To make the Dukkah Christmas Trees

You will need:

  • 2 Puff Pastry sheets
  • Shredded Cheese Mix
  • Dukkah
  • Egg wash (optional) or Milk wash

Lay out a Puff Pastry sheet, top with cheese and dukkah before laying another Puff Pastry sheet on top. Apply some firmn pressure with your hands before cutting even strips.

Each strip is then folded back and forth getting gradually smaller, then place a skewer through the middle. We also cut out some mini pastry stars to add to the top of our trees!


Cook in the Airfryer or Oven for 10-12 mins at 180 °C, or until you are happy with the crispiness of the pastry.

Enjoy! These are so yummy! My kids especially loved the mini star pastries!

Creating letter-themed meals has been so much fun for my kids. It has been a brilliant way to engage them before introducing new foods and doing it together builds so much trust when it comes to serving up food.

By focusing on a particular letter of the alphabet, we have been able to work on our vocabulary and make some unique learning opportunities.



Your kids will have so much fun shopping, cooking and eating with a Letter themed meal, so give it a try! Have fun with it!

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